JPM Beta

By Erik Vold

JPM is ready for beta testers!

If you don’t already know jpm is a new NodeJS based command line tool to replace the older python based cfx tool. It also uses npm for third party modules instead of our legacy ways to use 3rd party modules.

To get started, do the following:

  1. Run npm install jpm -g
  2. Run jpm init to create a new add-on
  3. Add npm dependencies, and run npm install to install them
  4. Create a cool add-on!
  5. Run the add-on with this command jpm run -b /path/to/
  6. Write tests
  7. Run tests with this command jpm test -b /path/to/

At the moment you’ll have to use the -b flag and point to your installation of Firefox Nightly.

You can find more information on JPM here.

I’ve made a simple example add-on at erikvold/markdown-viewer which is using an npm module for the markdown rendering.

The project is on github at mozilla/jpm and at least for now we are managing issues on github as well at so if you have any questions or notice issues please report them here.