The FxOS Wrist Watch

By Erik Vold

There are many touch screen wrist watches on the market today, and the technology is cheap, I would guess this is because it does not need to be durable, which makes it perfect for the FxOS in my opinion.

The main problem with designing mobile phones first, is that people drop their phones all of the time, so people want to buy the most durable products they can afford, and since Mozilla is not designing hardware we are subjected to being on hardware that may not be designed very well, or that are deisgned to be cheap.

When I recieved my FirefoxOS development phone I was super excited, I instantly swtiched my phone plan off of my iPhone to my FxOS phone. About 5 hours later I dropped the FxOS phone, it broke, it was the first piece of hardware that I had ever broken (it was not the first that I had dropped though). So I had no choice but to go back to my iPhone..

This is a huge problem in my opinion to getting FxOS established in the world as a viable product, we cannot compete with the likes of Google and Apple on the hardware side until FxOS is a popular product, and we can’t make it popular unless it is on some hardware that people want.

So in my opinion releasing/targeting phones first is a bad idea. I feel as though we should be focused on something different and new, like a webby wrist watch.

The FxOS Wrist Watch

A wrist watch does not need to be durable, it is strapped on the wrist, therefore it can be super cheap, which would get FxOS out in the world as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, there needs to be a market of FxOS users before developers and companies are willing to spend time develpoing apps for the product, so again competing in the mobile phone market seems like a bad idea to me (at least to begin with), and if Mozilla tapped in to a new market instead I believe we could push more units of FxOS and attract developers to make things for FxOS.

Lastly, a phone requires many many many features to be useful at all these days, whereas a watch only requires one critical feature, a dope clock. So the requirements to ship a useful product are far smaller, and the team required to make such a product would also be much smaller. One could probably design a cool FxOS watch with the help of one or two other developers and the help of a hardware manufacturer pretty quickly, no need for hundreds of developers and the choas of managing dozens of different default apps.

Anyhow, that was my dream over the holiday break.