My DevTools Work Week Hack

By Erik Vold

I was just at the top secret Firefox DevTools Work Week in Portland. It was harsh, Dave Camp took our cellphones away from us on the first day, then locked us in a conference room with Heavy Metal music playing all day long, then he forced intravenous caffine injections on us every hour.

Some cool stuff got made though.

I was able to smuggle a video recording of my demo out in order to share it. I couldn't get ahold of Snowden, so I'll just have to post it here and hope that the people find it.

This video shows off how the devtools can open any restartless add-on (in this example I am using a native jetpack which is work in progress), edit it, press save and see the changes immediately. This is too powerful to be in the hands of the DevTools authorities it must be released as soon as possible for all of the peoples!

Please spread the word!