Art Tools For Firefox

By Erik Vold

This piece is my favorite portrait of Batman, and last week I tried recreating it with only CSS and some HTML div tags, and I got this as a result:

I am Batman

When building this I first created the .html file with the divs that I needed, then I created a .css file and linked the html document to it. After this I wrote as much CSS as I could without rendering, so I mainly did positioning. Finally I had to load the .html document in Firefox to see what I was doing, and used the Firefox DevTools like inspector to fine tune the piece until I was done.

At some point during all of this I realized that the Firefox DevTools could be used as art tools. The main missing piece is the concept of a project, with this an artist could go from nothing to finished art piece all using Firefox DevTools, and Firefox would be all that an artist would need to create, display, and publish their work to the world.