Tab Timelines

By Erik Vold

Back at the last Mozilla Summit I was hacking on an idea I had to display thumbnails of the pages you’ve visited in a tab. This is the backwards/forwards history for each tab. I had recently finished the sidebar module for the Add-on SDK and I wanted a useful example add-on.

I realized that I could use the thumbnail cache used by about:newtab so I was digging through that code, and I had to hack a bunch of workarounds together to get this to merely show thumbnails in the sidebar. I got that bit working at the Summit, then I was distracted and forgot about the whole thing by the time I got home.

Last night I found it, and decided to finish it.

I had to implement quite a few hacks to get it to work, so it’s not a great example add-on anylonger, because it’s more confusing than should be necessary. I wrote the module and I was referring to the excellent docs, so I highly recommend those.

Anyhow the add-on is called Timeline Sidebar, and it turns this:

into this:

Get it on Github