Do Not Survey

By Erik Vold

The only thing I find more annoying than a website that is tracking me is a website that is throwing pop-ups in my face asking me to fill out another dumb survey.

Well today, like every other day, I was asked to fill out a number of surveys, but unlike any other day I finally had enough, so I wrote the Do Not Survey add-on.

This add-on applies the Do Not Track standard to surveys, so instead of adding a HTTP_DNT header to all http requests it will add a HTTP_DNS header. Also instead of adding a window.navigator.doNotTrack boolean variable it adds a window.navigator.doNotSurvey variable to all web pages.

However, I plan to make this add-on proactive in the future, which is unlike the Do Not Track implementation, because that is how I always thought that Do Not Track should have been implemented.

So please help this project out! you can find the source on Github here.