Fantastic Bar

By Erik Vold

A long time ago, at the Vancouver office, I was in a Jetpack meeting suggesting that we make some show case add-ons to show off what Jetapck can do. One idea I put down quickly was to redesign the url bar. Afterwards, Jeff suggested I talk to Bryan Clark about the idea, so I did. He had done some research on search tabs and related projects so after a bit of discussion he suggested that something like suggestions on the left with some preview area on the right would be a good start, sort of like how the Google results page looks today, and I went away agreeing.

So not long after I went on vacation, and started hacking on this, I didn’t get far, besides replacing the awesome bar with an empty panel that I had no idea what to put in, and ran into panel bugs. So I Github shelfed it and enjoyed some sun.

Later, during the summit I was talking to Gregg Lind, and showed him the awful work I had so far while we were trying to brainstorm how to group searches and their results in to a reusable thing. Anyhow, he got me thinking aobut this again after he suggested I just list suggestions in there and make it easy to extend, then figure out the rest.

It took me awhile but after thinking about the UX problem I found a solution that I like for now, and here it is:

I decided that I simply wanted suggestions on the left for now and multiple previews on the right which could be thought of as a deck of cards, where the top card is moved to the bottom of the deck on some interval.

This way we can have multiple suggestions and previews to find our anwsers.

Somehow, I then found the energy and hacks to build tshe Fantastic Bar:

You can find the extension on AMO, or on Github.

I’d love to get some more feedback, so let me know what you think!!